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Di-Anodic Finishing Corporation is a family-owned and operated business specializing in aluminum anodizing while providing superior customer service. With over 60 years in the industry, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by exceeding your expectations in providing efficient and cost effective finishing solutions. The experienced staff at Di-Anodic Finishing Corp. will partner with your business to ensure that all your aluminum finishing needs are met with the highest standards of quality. We understand that each project is unique, so our approach is tailored to meet the specific requirements and challenges you face. Our facility is equipped with technology allowing us to offer a wide range of anodizing services, including standard anodizing, hard coat anodizing, color anodizing, and more.

Finishing methods

Aluminum Anodizing is described as an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Black Oxide is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and its alloys that provides mild corrosion resistance and reduces light reflection while increasing lubrication properties.

Iridite & Chem Film is a protective coating process used primarily on aluminum and its alloys to enhance corrosion resistance and to provide a base for paint adhesion.

Understanding these different levels of protective measures—from initial black oxide treatments for steel to advanced chem film processes for aluminum—highlights how tailored solutions exist for safeguarding various metals against corrosion while maintaining their mechanical performance and aesthetic appearance in engineering applications. Adapting these methods suitably allows manufacturers and engineers alike to extend the life span of components across diverse settings, ensuring reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness in material selection and maintenance strategies.

Di-Anodic Finishing Corporation provides experienced and proven processes to meet the needs of your organization – from small business to Fortune 500 Enterprise environments. Many of the staff at Di-Anodic Finishing Corp. have 40 years service with processes from a single piece to batch jobs and unlimited quantity with fast turn around times. Di-Anodic Finishing continually strives to remain up-to-date on the latest trends and certifications from NASA and defense to industrial applications, and we provide the highest quality services to you.

Quality control is integral to our operation at each phase of the finishing process. Our rigorous inspection processes ensure adherence to international standards anodizing finishes. Understanding that turnaround time is crucial for our clients’ success, we place a significant emphasis on streamlining our operations without compromising on quality. Our facility adopts lean manufacturing principles which allow us flexibility in scheduling shortened lead times.

At Di-Anodic Finishing Corp., we strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and add value to your business operations. Our team continuously updates our processes and technology based on industry developments and customer feedback ensuring we remain at forefront offering reliable, high-quality finishing services. Our team works closely with clients from various industries from prototype to full production runs that meet aesthetic expectations and performance requirements.

Located in Michigan in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, Di-Anodic Finishing Corporation provides courteous professional and personal service to customers in the aluminum industry throughout West Michigan and across the United States and Canada.


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